Build an Android App Step By Step Tutorial

I came across this great android sdk tutorial the other day and just want to share it with you. Before you begin watching it though let me go over somethings that the person who made this tutorial missed or did wrong.

This video doesn’t go over the SDK and IDE so am going to give you the link to those.

The first thing you need is Eclipse, if you don’t know how to or have never used Eclipse you shouldn’t worry, this video will show you step by step what you have to do.
Download Eclipse 3.5

You’ll also need Android’s SDK
Download Android’s SDK

And an Eclipse plugin for the SDK
Instructions for installing Android Development Tools (ADT) Plugin

The developer in the video, Tony Hillerson, is using a MAC but since we are all using the same IDE this isn’t a problem until around 1:08:25 of the video where Hillerson says that if you are using Windows or Linux you need to press Ctrl+Alt+S to get a menu, this shortcuts did not work for me so I went online and found out that the shortcut to get this menu is Alt+Shift+S

The last comment I have about this tutorial is that it’s actually incomplete, it seems that they cut off the last 10 minutes, but nevertheless this tutorial is DEFINITELY worth watching because you will learn enough to know what every folder and file in an Android app is for and even enough to complete your app.